Tunneling construction of underground pipe network

Tunneling construction of underground pipe network

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Our cantilever type boring machine is integrated with 7 patent designs, such as folding arm cutting arm, high pressure plunger pump load sensitive hydraulic system, pilot / manual / soft shaft combination control system, two stage oil filter device, hydraulic system cooling device and appearance, and other functions such as cutting, loading and walking.

The posture adjustment of the cutting arm is convenient, which can not only transfer the cutting material into the shovel plate, speed up the loading speed of the material, but also repair the roadway in full section, so as to facilitate the next step of the roadway support operation.

The product has the characteristics of advanced technology, flexible operation, large cutting area, high efficiency, good stability, long life and wide application range.

It belongs to partial small section boom roadheader. It is mainly used for tunneling construction of underground pipe network, and can realize continuous cutting, loading and transportation operations.

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